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feedback & suggestions 1.2


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the good - moving the ui around!


the bad -

would like option to 'align' and/or 'snap-to' ui elements, rather than trying to eyeball stuff.


still cannot set a chat window to be noninteractive, or lock it.


would like option to hide the little ui buttons on the ends of actionbar 1 (the lock button, the up/down, and the open-the-editor button).


toggle-able skills on side bars have their toggle indicator showing up on the bottom of the icon instead of the side (pre-1.2)


space missions --

Blaster sounds seem to have gotten very very noisy. I can't hear anything other than that on high level msns. It's drowning out all the other audio cues.


Loading seems to be taking longer for space missions. Five tries and I still cannot load the asteroid belt msn in time to see and shoot the heavy fighters before they fly off.


Hotkey icons are showing up offset higher than their ui frame.



If sprint is automatically a level 1 skill, why even bother having it? It's now a waste of space. Just make it passive and be done with it.


Jedi Sentinel skill tree (combat) refers to a Sith skill name in one of the tooltips. (forgot which)

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