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Jedi DPS?


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I'm about to create a character for the first time and I am not very familiar with the character types. Could anyone tell me what class is the best for DPS? Thanks a ton.


Btw- I'm going to be jedi.


The general consensus seems to be that the classes are all fairly well balanced for DPS, so it depends on what play style you'd enjoy, and whether or not you're also interested in healing and tanking.


The advanced classes for Jedi Knights are Sentinels and Guardians. They are primarily a melee class. Guardians wear heavy armor, carry a single light saber, and can be tanks or DPS. Sentinels are a pure DPS class. They wear medium armor and dual-wield two lightsabers.


Jedi Consulars wear light armor. The Sage advanced class can heal or do ranged DPS. The Shadow advanced class uses a double-edged light saber and can tank or do primarily melee DPS (with a bit of ranged attacks thrown in).

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