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Dooooom! Dooom I say!


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Yeah I know this thread will be locked by the droids, but whatever, going to have my little vent.


Doomsaying is out of control. I have read in multiple recent threads "I will cancel my sub if XXXX, I will cancel my sub if YYYY".


Do you people think anyone cares? I don't, and neither does any half witted+ person in the world. Your sub, as well as you in person are meaningless. You don't mean anything to the overall outcome of this game, and no one cares a tiddlywink about what or why you pay or will be choosing not to pay, or what you expect.


Also if you are so concerned about the outcome of the realms population, why do you think that spamming that every realm is dead and that you hate everything is going to encourage anyone to come and play it? My first port of call with a new MMo is the forums, to see anything that might help get started, and I know if I was met with the amount of whine and cheese on these forums, I would probably step away from it, if I was any random person, but luckily im a little more interested in my own neutral opinion, than that of the soggy nappied masses.


To offer a little construction though:


When posting on official game forums, offer both reasoning and resolution. Posting things like "I AM CANCEL CAUSE OLOLOLOL" makes you look like a wobblygoggle and nothing more. No one gets anywhere with that, but instead, posting "This is a problem, but here is a way to solve it" explaining clearly how and why something needs changing/removing/adjusting gives not only other posters something to discuss, but also the developers something to work from.


Imagine your working day consisting of "everything around you is dying" as a big stack of paper, copied multiple times on your desk. Nothing more, just that. I don't know about you but that would end up right in the bin without a second glance.


In short, posting is a priveledge, not a right, so be constructive, have fun, and be respectful, because if you aren't, expect to be ripped a new one each time you post, and remember that negative feedback is always welcomed, but be respectful and explanatory in your concerns, and then you might see change, as right now, all I see is a load of wet nappies over problems that have been discussed into the ground.


Whatever happened to just playing a game because you want to play a game? Why does what the other 9 billion people in this world get up to have any sway over what you like and enjoy? If you don't like something, go do something else, and stop trying to make it a misery for those who do.


Had my rant, feel free to close it now as it isn't directly related to the physical dycotomy of the game.

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how i wish that this thread survives.


To be honest, the only things that bothers me regarding swtor are the low pop servers, and the "im taking the whole galaxy down with me with my whining" posts.


want to quit? just quit.

want to play wow? play wow.

want to play upcoming mmo's? just do it.


But stop trying to "juggle" non-existing "facts" about "everyone" leaving the game just because you are dissatisfied.

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Yes, they close these threads making fun of the doomers. But people are allowed to make up the most ridiculous rumors and spin to feed their agenda. Not only do they allow it, they make sure to open up new threads when the first one fills up. They really need to drop the hammer on people. Like Blizzard does.
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Hey it needed to be said.


I wish the administrators and mods in these forums were encouraged to answer doomsaying whiners with the rudest sarcasm and trolling they can muster.


Or at least give the rest of us the go ahead to do it. It would make my week if a moderator answered a doomsayer with one of those 60's Spiderman cartoon pictures saying "Look at all of the [f-bomb]'s I give!" and he's just waving his arms at nothing.

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I really don't get why so many take a video game this seriously.


This. Indeed.


It is a game. Nothing more than a game. A fun game, but...a game.


All this angst and fussing and drama over ... a game.

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But before I quit, I'm going to make a post on the forums with a title in all caps. Along with misspelling half my post and using "u r" as real words explaining why I quit and how everyone will care and miss me.


Because you all know me. Right? ...guys.. guys?

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I can not unsub and post a dramatic rage quit rant, my game card time simply fades away. Game cards are boring, I quit.


Need to add an option to you "SWTOR ...needs" poll:


People who don't complain about every little thing and actually play the game. :)

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We know it can be frustrating to see negativity, but we ask that our members refrain from focusing the discussion on the behavior of other members. No matter how good the original intention, these types of threads seem to bring out the people who want to spread more ill will and incite bad behavior in others.


We strongly encourage you to be proactive and start the kinds of discussions you would like to see on these forums. That is the best way to encourage quality content. We are always very happy to see interesting conversations and players are usually happy to participate in a really engaging discussion.


We will be closing this thread now. Thank you for your cooperation!


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