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The complete lack for a looking for group system needs to be addressed. I have seen two 1.2 patch previews and read the patch notes. And nowhere do I find any mention of this huge issue being addressed.


It is not even a radical idea.


What we currently are using is spamming general chat, or spamming every single person near your level praying to god they are a certain spec, not afk, willing to go, know what a flashpoint is, AND know how to play.


Many other online games have at least a system setup to help you look for a group.


There is a looking for group system for the game PvP even.


Can we not learn nothing from your competitors, are all bio-ware employees banned from playing non bio-ware games?

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Greetings everyone!


There are several threads regarding implementing a Looking For Group/ Dungeon Finder System. In the interest of consolidating discussion and feedback, we are going to close this thread. We ask that you please continue this discussion here:



Additionally, the following information also discusses this tool:


In the Community Q + A Blog for February 24th, 2012:


deusBAAL: Will you be providing a LFG tool? What will be its features? How will it be intended to work and when can we expect it to go live?


Daniel Erickson (Lead Writer): We are hard at work on a much more robust LFG functionality that will quickly help put groups together while still offering the flexibility to decide how you group and what sort of people you want to be grouped with. We’ll release more details as we get closer to release.


In this post:

Improving our LFG system is high on the list of features that Systems Design wants to add to the game. We want this to be good not just for helping people find Flashpoints and Operations to run, but also other multiplayer content like heroic missions. A key emphasis will be on advertising for specific role needs (healer, tank, DPS). This feature is currently in the design stage, and once this feature has moved beyond this to a development stage and has a firm ETA, I'll be coming back to you guys to give more details.


We've known we would need to revisit this feature for a while. In the level-up game, finding players isn't too rough because, with few exceptions, everyone in that level band is either on your planet or on the fleet. Once more and more players hit endgame, and are spending their time in more places, the need for this feature is going to increase. Note that right now, high level players have the opposite problem - there aren't enough other players up there to group with. This problem will dissipate as the game ages, and more players reach the later levels.


That being said, our design team doesn't philosophically believe that cross-server Flashpoints are good for the game at this stage in the game's lifespan. There is huge social pressure to not be a jerk that goes away when the odds that you will never see these people again is high. I'm not saying never - there may come a time in the future where we reevaluate this - but at least in the short term, we believe this will cause more damage to the community than good.


In this post:

I am disappointed to see the cross realm LFG tool being talked about as a future addition to the game. I was really hoping to keep that out of TOR just because of it's ability to destroy community in a game. I would be all for LFG server wide but cross realm is a no go for me.

The Group Finder feature we've discussed for the near future is definitely single-server only.


You can also find all this information in our Developer Tracker!


Thank you for your understanding on why we have closed this thread. :)

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