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Live From the Nar Shaddaa Lounge, Episode XII


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Live From the Nar Shaddaa Lounge!


7 PM Pacific/10 PM Eastern, 4/3/2012


We've been gone for a couple of weeks because our host was off on a business trip, but we're back and with a vengeance! We hope you'll join us for the best weekly live talk show about SWTOR you'll find! Tune in at Split Infinity Radio!


What's up this week? Read on!


TOR Top Four


The top four stories as we see them this week- or just the top four things we think are the most interesting!


  • Florida Family Assocation goes after SWTOR for having LGBT characters
  • Community Q&A, 1.2 Edition
  • Bioware’s April Fool’s Joke...
  • Patch 1.2 is on the Test Server. Psyko’s played a bit... what does he think about the new warzone, the changes to gear and the lamentations of the forum whiners. Yes, there’s some big changes coming, but is it as bad as the haters claim?

Research and Development


We talk about our favorite feature ideas! What would be the coolest feature to add to the game?


  • Psyko wants some way to communicate cross faction. At least give us a custom channel option... We’re at war but can’t even figure out where the fighting is... We have a trade channel, a General channel, how about a PvP channel?
  • Jimer wants more sandbox tools. We need to be able to create our own content!

Drunken Vengeance


Our weekly silliness- cocktails and plugging our friends, stuff we like and cool things all around. May or may not be SWTOR-related.


  • Dood’s Drink of the Week
  • Flog A Friend!
  • Ask a Psyko

What Is It?


The Nar Shaddaa Lounge is a weekly live broadcast on Split Infinity Radio- the station that's By Gamers, For Gamers (http://siradio.fm). The show is supported by TOR guild The Church of Alvis, the home of the drunken and vengeful.


You can tune in with any Shoutcast-compatible client, whether Winamp, VLC or Windows Media Player or a ton of others. You can tune in on your iPad, Droid, iPhone, or other mobile device too!


Remember to tune in at 7 PM Pacific time on Tuesday nights at http://siradio.fm!


Connect With The Nar Shaddaa Lounge

Website: http://alvisradio.thechurchofalvis.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Live-from-the-Nar-Shaddaa-Lounge/192006720890465


Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/103062700276220449095

Email: alvisradio (at) gmail.


Thanks for listening and we look forward to your feedback! Also, we want to hear your ideas for topics to cover. Let us know what you'd like to hear about. :)


NOTE: The Nar Shaddaa Lounge is not strictly an adult broadcast, although there is content that is for adults, such as cocktail recipes and there will be some occassional off-color language or music played. Listener discretion is advised. The Nar Shaddaa Lounge and Split Infinity Radio do not encourage underage or irresponsible drinking, and if you do, we'll send Holy Alvis to crap your buffet and kick your ***.

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