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Swtor pvp gear guide.


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Welcome to this quick guide to PvP gear in SW:TOR, allot of people have been asking for information on this topic, i did take us a little while to get our heads around the sheer amount of RNG in the PvP gearing system but once you get past it then all you can do is go with the flow.


I’ve tried to cover every step in the gearing process below but if you think something is missing drop me a comment and ill sort out any changes.


First off a few commonly asked questions are posted below:


Q: Do the Sets have bonuses for multiple pieces being used?


A: YES the sets do have set bonuses. You can’t see them in-game unless you attain a piece of the set which is annoying when deciding which to run with. There is a bonus for both the two and four set pieces and you can stack multiple two set bonuses from different sets which could prove useful for some classes, haven’t looked into this yet though.


Q: Does using an upgraded/downgraded item remove my set bonus?


A: Thankfully not no, all of the different tiers of the PvP gear share the same set bonus making upgrading gear or using a lesser item completely viable. I presume this was implemented due to the way gear is obtained through RNG and commendations making it hard to obtain a matching set until you have full Battlemasters.


Q: Where do i buy the PvP Gear From?


A: The vendors to buy the items are located at your faction’s respective hub (Republic Fleet/Imperial Fleet). They are across from the class trainers and have relevant symbols above them. Just take a look around and you’ll see them.


Gearing for PvP in TOR is quite a different affair to any other MMO in the market at the moment, allot of gearing comes down to RNG luck as your going to be buying bags and getting either a piece of gear by way of a tradable item or some commendations which can then be turned in at relative amounts to purchase a desired item.


For each epic PvP tier besides the first tier (Centurion), you have the choice of buying the items with commendations (Champion Commendations) or with tokens (Unassembled Champion Frontline Force Mainhand Weapon)


Unassembled Centurions items do not drop from bags, these pieces are only obtainable through trading in Centurion commendations, this acts as a sort of baseline set of gear by which you use commendations you were given from bags should you be unlucky enough to not receive a Champions item.


The unassembled pieces you get are completely random and you can get duplicates which is part and parcel of the systems annoyance especially if your looking to gear fast. However with the unassembled pieces you get to pick what item to buy that corresponds to the piece you get at least were not stuck with un wanted set items that will never get used. A big thing to remember when getting duplicates is you can STRIP ITEM MODS from duplicates and use them in moddable orange gear for PvP if you lack that slot the mods are 2 tiers higher than crafted epics and equate to lvl 52 item mods. Worth it when RNG sucks.


The gear bags are unique, meaning you can only have one in your inventory at a time. Save up before 50 and grab one ready to open as you ding, also worthc apping merc commendations prior to 50. You can buy the Champion Gear Bags before level 50, but you cannot open them until you are level 50. They are also unique so you can only hold onto one at a time.


The bags either give you 3 commendations from the previous tier, or 1 commendation from the previous tier and an unassembled item equal to the tier of the b

It costs 200 Warzone Commendationsand 200 Mercenary Commendations to buy a Champion Gear Bag from the PvP vendor (located in the fleet hub, next to the PvP terminals)


You also get the boxes from Warzone Dailies/Weeklies and Ilum Dailies/Weeklies – These can seriously speed up your gearing and hinder you if not done weekly and daily each daily provides one bag equivalent to farming 800 WZ commendations and each weekly gives multiple bags.




Battlemaster Gear Bags Are needed for the top tier of PvP gear and con ONLY be obtained through dailies including the Warzone and Ilum Dailies/Weeklies. You can’t use them unless you are valor 60. You cannot buy these like you can the champion gear bags which slows the grind for end game gear considerably however after rank 60 its worth reverting your daily/weekly rewards to these as they drop centurion commendations


Ok so i’ve done a few characters to 50 now and Ive refined an approach that i feel works well for me personally as a PvPer and Raid leader in PvE where i can utilize PvP gear to get a nice edge on the gearing curve.


This assumes that you are already level 50 – You should already have 1,000 mercenary commendations and 1000 warzone commendations along with 1 epic bag stored. This allows you to open 6 Bags as soon as you hit 50, which will give you gear or if your really unlucky 18 commendations.If you find yourself capping commendations too often and you bought your 20 oranges and 40 oranges as you leveled then you can work on the 50 blue set found in the first joint planet you goto after exiting the starting areas.


After 50 it’s relatively simple – make sure to grab your dailies and weeklies then start farming you need exactly 800 warzone commendations to trade in for enough merc to retain 200 wz and buy a bag. This is the farm process.


Centurion Commendations are going to be a consolation prize for a long time if your RNG goes bad but don’t fret keep saving and i’d advise against spending them until you have got a fair few peices of PvP gear because you want to limit the duplicates you get to RNG item drops rather than buying a piece only to have it drop immediately from your next bag and be replaced.


This pretty much amounts to the PvP grind, people have complained that it takes a long long time to gear but in reality it doesn’t take as long as you might think. Gearing SW:TOR is on par with most MMORPG games i’ve played and i think its the RNG factor that adds allot of un wanted stress when trying to fill the last slot and the fact you cant really pick and choose can be annoying at times.


- Some original information take from Nyans PvP Gear Guide on Guard-this.com

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