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Defense Stat over Shield


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I'm level 33 and was thinking about leveling Defense Stat over Shield whenever I can.Has anyone tried this or even trying Shield over Defense?...There has been some gear I could get that has like 22 Defense and No Shield..Would that be better. than Like 11 Defense and 11 Shield...Any suggustions would be grateful



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The thing with Shield is you already have a 40% chance to activate it from your offhand and Kinetic Ward. You would need to stack Absorb with it to see the benefit and, not only will you suffer from Diminishing Returns on the stats, but you'll always be taking damage. Defense is a superior stat to Shield and Absorb because it raises your chance to deflect 100% of incoming damage.


Absorb is an alternative to Defense and should always be prioritized over Shield. It's the cheapest of your defensive stats, only requiring a moderate amount of investment for huge returns.


In summation, your defensive stat priority should be Defense>Absorb>Shield. There are exceptions once you acquire Tier 2 raid gear and beyond but you have quite the journey ahead of you before that becomes a priority.


Also, you want to mix in Accuracy and get your chance to hit as close to 100% as possible. At 50 the Earpieces, Implants, Rating 124 tank gear and Primeval Exemplar's armor pieces supply you with tons of Defense/Accuracy and Absorb/Accuracy. The Mods responsible for those stat combos are also easily acquirable to fill out your saber.

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There is a lot written on the subject for Shadow Tanking, start by the sticky on this forum but you need to understand a few things:


- Accurate tips refer to GEAR rating (The values on the tooltips) NOT to the effective stats that include bonuses coming from buffs/skills. So when some1 says Defense should be at the same level as Shield they are refering to the ammount that comes from your gear, NOT the final one calculated on your Sheet on the Defense highlight.


- Defense & Shield + Absorption apply to the same attack types. Do not get confused by Armor vs Reduction that are selected based on the Damage descriptor of the attack. Summarizing:


Power Label

Melee/Ranged -> Defense & Shield Avoidance

Force/Tech -> Resistance Chance


Damage Type

Energy/Kinetic -> Armor Reduction + Energy/Kinetic Reduction

Internal/Elemental -> Internal/Elemental Reduction



- The detailed "balanced" curves are explained on the sticky but roughly you should keep Defense + Shield at the same chance and around double the Absorption Chance (remember, GEAR rating contribution is what I'm talking about... The final bonuses will be different). Sadly most the data is tweaked for L50 "gear allowance", at Thirties I'm not sure if you have such a fine control over your stats, so take the guides with a pinch of salt.



EDIT: Why Defense is slightly better than Shield + Absorption is not based on damage mitigated (They both apply exactly to the same attack types)... A 30% Final Defense Chance is equivalent to a 55% Final Shield Chance + 55% Final Absorption Chance looking at average damage mitigated... The main issue is that a Melee/Ranged Power that inflicts a secondary status (DoT, CC or debuff) is completely avoided by a successfull Defense while a successfull Shield does not help at all against secondary statuses. Then you have the issues that rise because of the Double roll combat resolution TOR seems to use... But if you want to dig as deep, go to the sticky, you will find some enlightening info there on the finer details on how to allocate your Gear resources towards max avoidance/mitigation.

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Learn something new everyday!


The 30s are still fresh in my mind. Most of the gear and item mods you come across are +Defense. You have to check the GTN for Shield and Absorption. As a Synthweaver I had the benefit of making my own Augmented gear where I couldn't fill a slot with a moddable piece. I filled in whatever holes I thought existed (Accuracy mostly).


I also fished the GTN for Augmented/Mastercraft Implants and Earpieces-that's the earliest, most cost effective way of obtaining additional defense or Accuracy if you're set on being the sturdiest you can be as you level.

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