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quick question


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im lev 400 Armormech

400 underground trading

400 Scavenging


I have almost 2 bays full of crafting mats, and nothing to use them on.

I was gonna wait till 1.2 to see the new crafts but im still thinking armormech is still gonna be crap.


I have crit crafted 4 Rakata parts for both my specs.


Should i drop armor sell all my mats and start up Biochem?


bio just seems so much better with buffs. and the reuseable stims and such would be nice to have.


thank you for your time.

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Biochem? not if you want to make money.


Cybertech and Artifice. that's where the money is at.



Armormech is kinda useless. of course you could make alot of money when 1.2 hits and then you can craft high end Augments. The potential for money making is high there so i'd stick with it until 1.2 comes out.

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