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Free Mumble Voice Server Contest for SWTOR Guilds Only


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We are giving away a free 1 year subscription for a 100 slot Mumble server to 3 different SWTOR Guilds. I am a SWTOR player with characters on the Shadow Hand server and got this idea from the Mumble vs Vent thread to do something interesting for the SWTOR community.

How Contest Works:

1. A guild leader (only a guild leader) may register his guild into the contest.

2. Must be a SWTOR Guild

3. Must have registration in before Thursday April 5, 2012 at 7 PM CST (have to give us time to put them all in the hat for the drawing, we arent machines after all :) )

4. Drawing will take place at 8 PM CST and the winners will be announced via the SWTOR Community Forums, at which time servers will be set up and upon verification emails will be sent out to the winning guild leaders via in game email.

5. Winning guilds must allow an character created by myself to join the guild to verify the guild and the leader before server will be awarded to them. (Character can be removed after verification is completed), this is for verification purposed only to prevent cheating.

6. You can register by filling out the form at http://www.mymumblezone.com/swtorcontest.htm (All information is confidential and will be removed upon contest results except that info of the winners.

7. In answer to the question via PM yes you may register if you already have a voice chat server and just want to win a free one.


If you have any questions you can send me a private message here or reply to this thread.


NOTICE: This is not an advertisement nor does Bioware or EA have any role in this contest.


UPDATE: Due to some players being hesitant to give up their email due to concerns over phishing and spam we are removing the Email Address and other fields from the form. Please be sure that your server name, guild name and guild leader name are correct so we may contact the winners in game. Thank you

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