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Buffing for social points!!


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Here's a quick, easy and socially promoting way to earn social points. Buffing others with your class buff! Of course there would have to be rules or else everyone would just sit around casting this on each other all day.


Rule 1 - The buff will only earn social point(s) if that buff hadn't been on the target toon before it was cast by you


Rule 2 - Each buff successfully cast earns 1 social point


Rule 3 - Each successfull buff cast then places you on a 10 min cooldown timer so a max of 6 points could be earned per hour


This would promote being more "social" by paying attention to other players in need of buffs, would give another dimension to the social leveling aspect of the game etc etc


Just my 2 cents...Flame away!! (err I mean discuss with thought and civility)

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