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Which mods do you use?


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Why though? Doesn't it feel like you crit less?


Did you replace all the accuracy mods or keep some?


Fully geared you should have 30/35% melee/force crit anyway with smug buff, you're always with Media so shouldn't be an issue. That's plenty of crit so may as well make them hit as hard as possible.


I find the damage and spike I can do from stacking power far outweighs what I was capable of when I had everything crit/surge, it's not too expensive to test but I switched to power and haven't gone back.


There's an argument to keep min of 95% acc to overcome all classes base 5% but tbh it's personal pref, myself I have just got the base acc + whatever comes off ears. Power/surge every slot and haven't noticed any gamebreaking misses.


Edit: Rem you hav 15% extra crit chance on dots..

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Yeah I just wanted to try out power, but wasn't sure if I should since I wouldn't have enough money to redo it.


I think i'll try out power since people say it's better, but i'm going to keep my accuracy at what it is.


I love you <3

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