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[Multi-Class PoV] The Watchmen Initiative


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The Corsair


Commando | Mercenary

Jedi Guardian | Sith Juggernaut

Jedi Sage | Sith Sorcerer

Jedi Shadow | Sith Assassin

Scoundrel | Operative (Healing/DPS)


1.2 is coming and the Watchmen are more than ready for it. Tension has been rising and the Corsair's anti-heroes are at it in full force. Featuring multi-class PoV action, showcasing when a group of Watchmen work together or even fight eachother... The rules have changed and there's no going back.


Produced by PSI.

Edited by Shinarika.

Filmed by Watchmen.

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An RPing Shadow comes to the operative board posting a video of 5k AoE hits on the brink of another nerf for Operatives. Classic.


Are you talking about the guardian? The DPS scoundrel (who is your mirror) in this video, literally shreds people apart in seconds.

Edited by Xinika
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