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Wich professions as Guardian Jedi?


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If none of your other characters has Biochem, take it. Since all of my other 4 characters (3 Empire, one on Republic side) have Biochem, I decided to take Artifice/Archeology/Treasure Hunting. With Artifice you can make hilts, enhancements and color crystals for your and Kira's lightsabres, and also a shield/focus/generator for the offhand for both of you.


The other option would be Synthweaving/Archeology/Underworld Trading. But since I don't have it, I can't tell you what you can craft with it besides the obvious, armor.

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Yeah, players always say BioChem...but having not heard that when I started, I began play with Artifice/archaeology/Treasure Hunting and couldn't have been happier. I love crafting my own saber. You craft the hilts, color crystal, and enhancements. You only need find the mod.


Having several other force using alts now, I decided to mix it up with professions, including using the oft-suggested BioChem. I'll tell you i MISS my Artifice/Archaeology/Treasure Hunting! I can never find what I need on the GTN for modifications, nor are comms enough to round out my gear.


And since I don't use that many medpacks or stims, the one character I have who has BioChem has stacks of medpacks that I never use, lol. And my other characters certainly don't miss BioChem at all.

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In general, each class has 4 possible options as far as crafting skills, go, or you can go the profiteering route (focusing on just generating credits).



-Artifice-Archaeology-Treasure hunting (Color Crystals, Lightsaber hilts, Enhancements, and Offhands that aren't weapons. Customizable lightsabers at high levels)

-Synthweaving-Archaeology-Underworld Trading (Force User armor, including customizable versions)

-Biochem-Bioanalysis-Diplomacy (Medpacs, Stimulants, Adrenals, and implants. Currently, reusable consumables, particularly the adrenals, are a big deal in pvp, but they're gradually going to be superseded by superior versions that aren't reusable)

-Cybertech-Scavenging-Underworld Trading (Earpieces, Armoring Mods, Modifications, Speeders, and ship upgrades. You can also make grenades, but those are universally held to be useless)


For Tech based classes (Agent/Smuggler, Trooper/Bounty Hunter), Artifice and Synthweaving are replaced with

-Armstech-Scavenging-Investigation (Blaster Barrels, Blasters, weapon-based offhands, and non-lightsaber melee weapons. Customizable blasters on occasion)

-Armormech-Scavenging-Underworld Trading (Tech based armor, including customizable versions)


In general, you should pick one of the four classes that works well for you, although if a companion has a bonus to crit on one particular skill (meaning they will produce twice as many reusables/mods*, or have a valuable augment slot that can further boost their stats), or a massive boost to crit on a related gathering skill (Vector, one of the Agent's companions, has a +5 bonus to diplomacy, allowing him to excel at gathering the purple medical supplies you need for artifact biochem stuff).


For Jedi Knight, I believe Biochem is pretty good since one of your companions has a bonus to biochem crit (If you don't want spoilers, I won't say more. If you don't mind, just look it up on Torhead)



*Critting to produce a second mod will be added in 1.2)


In general, though, I reccomend you have a lot of different crafting skills across alts. This will allow you better access to high end items.

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Mine is Artificing/Archeology/Treasure Hunting, which really fits my Jedi since he's really more of a pirate. Treasure Hunting is a must. ;)


That combo be of obvious benefit to the Guardian since you'll be able to make sure you always have the best weapon/shield/generator. Will also be able to make great shields for T7, and cover weapon/focus needs of your second companion. And you'll be able to make enhancements which are usable by everyone.


Cybertech/Salvaging/Underworld Trading: is another great choice, especially if you use T7 alot. (less critical for guardian) You'll be able to make the best armoring mods for all your team's gear, droid parts, earpieces, and starship parts. Even if its not your guardian, you'll want to make sure at least one of your alts is a cybertech. Will be the most useful crafter for all your alts. Especially as you get lots of orange gear.


As mentioned by others, Biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy is a universally good combo for nearly any class. Especially non healers. Can't go too wrong there.


Synthweaving/Archeology/Underworld Trading is the other obvious Jedi setup, but probably less useful overall than other types, especially if you eventually start wearing lots of Orange gear. Should be a little more useful in the 1.2 update.

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The Jedi Knight is the only class with a +5 crit bonus to biochem (Doc). In my opinion, biochem, bioanalysis and one of either archaeology, scavenging or slicing is optimal for a multi-character crafting set-up. If you only plan to play 1 character, biochem, bioanalysis and diplomacy. Edited by grezgorz
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