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Several fixes I recommend


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Ok I'll put it short:

Merge European realms NOW (in next patch)

Fix dismounting by dots, and by every damage, it's just silly plus the stun u get everytime plus the mobs u aggro always gain this hyper turbo speed bonus and always get you.

Introspection etc. - interrupted by dots - again - FIX, *** is that??

Aggro - does it really work in SWTOR ffs?!?! I mean this guy does half hp dmg to a mob, run to another, I attack it and the mob attacks me instantly even tho the guy before me did tons of dmg and aggro to it. PLZ MAKE AGGRO WORK HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK if you don't know it, ask Blizzard plz, they will teach you.

And last but not least - MERGE EUROPEAN SERVERS. Ah did I arldy mention that? Well I'm so effing serious, you have tons of realms, all of which are light populated, merge them now, make new ones when u got the appropriate ammount of players.

Not to mention all the bugged npc, mobs, items I come across while playing (daily).


All I'm saying is, this just feels like playing a WoW free server with the bugs and the TOTALLY low population, and we are supposed to pay BioWare the same ammount of money I pay Blizzard for playing WoW? Cmon. Stop caring about stupid legacy or any new content, make the players able to enjoy the content there alrdy is.


Sincerely - READ AND DO TY

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How would a server merge work for a player who has more than four characters on each of the proposed servers, for example?


Or for character naming clashes, or for legacy naming clashes, or if you have a legacy on both servers and they clash, or..


Well we could go on for ever.


People need to realise that server merges are not just a case of OK guys, we'll go ahead and make server a and b the same server from now on, right who want's a donut?

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