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Truly, don't wait till 1.2


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fix the game glitches and problems NAO!!!


taking a shuttle and dropping you on an elite that is wrecking you while you're still zoning in... truly idiotic.


then, after you die, the elite is in the shuttle body, cannot be targetted... you die again.


having an operative roll into cover that gets you stuck between a bench and a post, and you cannot get unstuck except to log out, then log in, then QT out.


i mean really, can you just fix the dumb stuff nao.


and can you add an option to have the operative NOT roll into a cover, but to just drop down where its at in cover??


just trying to get my last two toons to 50 so i can retire from mmo's.... can't get past the last class quest without a group going in with me, and that's stoopid ridiculous as well.

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crap happens get use to it


if u get stuck, try /stuck


if u have an enemy targeted when u try to go to cover it will roll to the cover if u DONT have anything targeted when u hit cover ull drop ur cover where ur standing


sometimes ull need help with a class quest deal with it and move on

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