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Well, I've kind of had enough.


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I'm quitting, my subscription is canceled, and really even 1.2 won't have enough to bring me back. I quit another MMO to play this game, and regret it greatly. I've played MMOs for about 11 years now, and this game has really let me down.


Let's start at the beginning, because this game is riddled with flaws that have continuously soured my experience to the point where I am fed up with this game and have decided it's just not worth the money any more.


Server Population and Economy:

  • My server Elysium is basically dead. 50 People in the fleet is about the peak on a weekday and 60 on a weekend.
  • Finding groups for Hardmode FPs is difficult at best.
  • PvP ques can be very long, and with so few players, one side tends to dominate, and it's not the Republic.
  • Getting into an OP group is like reaching the Holy Grail, it's nigh impossible to get a group together without a guild.
  • Finding stuff on the GTM is rare, and I have to add people to my friends list in order to get them to craft the things I need, like stims. Likewise, selling items can take days. And this is all for items aimed at level 50 characters, to say nothing of upgrades for low levels.



I have a 50 Sage, and leveling was a chore.

  • My tank companion died again and again and even with good gear, he had to keep being re-summoned after death.
  • I died far more often than my now-27 Sentinel, a class that is completely imbalanced and overpowered when good players use it.
  • So many quests were Group 2+ and Group 4. The server is low population, and everyone gets these quests at different times. They just aren't worth picking up. I abandon them as soon as I get one.
  • Traveling around the huge outdoor zones on planets like Hoth, Voss, and Corellia was over-the-top. It just took way too long.



  • Where to begin? The PVP daily can take days to complete because of faction dominance, the other pvp daily for Armaments is still broken after who-knows-how-long.
  • Sentinels completely dominate Sages and rip apart most other classes with ease, they have so many cooldowns, killing them one-on-one just doesn't happen.
  • The ability Guard combined with tank gear gives tanks just too much utility. It also gives them a load of free medals. And, of course, Taunt stacks, giving them even more utility.
  • Certain heal classes are unkillable at top levels of gear. We know which ones these are.
  • Expertise is only of modest value, at best. People who PVP in Rakata and Columni gear do just as well as those in BM / Champ gear.
  • Guardians are broken in Huttball. They can capture the ball and skip past all the gridworks that are *supposed* to be an impediment.
  • Huttball. This zone is so flawed, and so exploited that winning isn't about skill, it's about what class you play. Bring a bunch of healers and Guardians and you will win. That's all there is to it.
  • Resolve generates far too slowly, by the time it's maxed out, you are likely in a long stun and being burned down. Also, snares and immobilizes BYPASS resolve if your bar is full. Try it sometime, it's absurd.
  • Too many stuns, knockbacks, roots, snares, and CC's all around. It just makes combat frustrating.

Hardmode FPs:

  • I realize they are *supposed* to be hard, but the average player in this game isn't very good and hardmodes are even less forgiving. They require too much CC, and good tanks...let's not even talk about that subject.
  • They just take too long. 1-2 hours for a dungeon crawl is unacceptable. Some people have lives outside of SWTOR. Plus, I'm told that doing normal OPs is a better way to get Columni gear, and that said raids are supremely easy.


And finally....


Dailies / Tokens:

  • To do all the dailies solo takes about an hour and a half. All it nets you is tokens and lots of credits that can't be spent on anything. All the best gear can't be crafted. If I could disassemble level 56 or 51 enhancements, learn them and sell them...or be able to buy them....the credits would be worth a hill of beans.
  • Daily tokens don't contribute much once you get 360 total. I wish I could convert these to Columni tokens.
  • Soooo, why do I have to convert my WZ tokens to merc tokens? Nobody does outdoor PVP on a PVE server. Why can't I convert my Centurion tokens to Champion tokens? Why not let me convert my Tionese tokens into useful Columni, etc etc etc tokens?

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Hey folks,


We do thank people for taking the time out to post about issues and concerns about the game. We do read it, regardless of whether it is positive or negative.


That being said, feedback about specific issues should whenever possible be placed into the proper subforum. For example, there are existing threads in the Suggestion Box forum where discussions about some of these concerns are being had:



We'll be closing this thread, but do encourage folks to post constructive feedback about the game in future threads. Thanks for your understanding!

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