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Playable droids?


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The Star Wars universe has a rich history of droids developing personality quirks and even becoming independent of there former masters, G0-T0 and IG-88 are prime examples of this. While independent droids are considered the exception to the rule, almost any player character is built to be the exception. I for one would love to be able to play an assassin droid or battle droid instead of being pigeonholed into playing only a biological entity.


I recognize that trying to put droids into the currently existing classes would be VERY lore breaking (both factions officially list droids as equipment rather than personnel and no, droids can NOT be force sensitive) and would require making new classes for droids. All of this would be a very large undertaking, thus requiring it to be part of an expansion instead of a major patch.


On the up side, we already have droid gear used for droid companions, giving us a template for how we would equip our new characters. Melee droid classes could make use of the vibroblades and staff weapons already available while ranged droid classes could use the blasters already available in game, possibly using odd weapn/stat pairings such as cunning blaster cannons or aim sniper rifles, making some of the strange drops we see useful to someone.


I'll be the first to admit, I haven't put a LOT of thought into how this could be accomplished but we have to leave something for the dev's to do, right? I look forward to the comments, discussion and hopefully dev responses this sparks!

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