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Sentinel help


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Hey I have a lvl 50 sentinel, been so for some time. Always thought I did good dps, but in pvp(ofcourse right now I only have a cent/champ mix for gear) I usually do between 80-130k dmg which is pretty pathetic. Just wondering how you guys spec your sents. right now Im specced 33-6-2.


And also could you give me a few pointers about rotation, just really want to maximize the damage I do with my character, thanks.


edit: just respecced and am now 35-4-2

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Currently I am specced 31/8/2


I wanted the extra 3% accuracy in the combat tree so i get more attacks to hit without dodging etc.


Now as far as rotation, the key thing is to be able to adapt to the fight. However as far as you can call it a rotation i'll try to explain what i normally try to do.


I'll start with Force leap - nice closer, gives focus and makes target stay in place.

Then (while still in air from the leap) i'll use overload sabre - gives you a dot that stacks 3 times, you'll want to use this as much as possible. if it's not on cooldown, you're doing something wrong.

then Zealous strike - build 6 focus, main focus gain, you'll want this on cooldown at all times

then Cauterize - another one of your dots. Always have it on cooldown.


Remember: you're dots can heal u & regrant focus.


after cauterize i usually use one 'auto-attack' - (extra focus)

then go merciless slash - nice big hit, try to use it often but make sure you don't forget your dots


by then you'll have to look if cauterize, overload saber or zealous strike are off cooldown. If not use them, if they are on cooldown i tend to use slash or the auto-attack.


once the target gets below 20% i don't use slash anymore, but go dispatch as soon as it's available.


Also considering you mentioned pvp, use force stasis to interrupt when force leap or force kick are on CD.


As far as staying alive, don't hit rebuke until you get targeted by people. It can last up to 30 seconds as long as you get attacked & can do damage to the attacker as well. If not, it's only going to be 6 seconds.


Never use Guarded by the force when you're above 20%, it's a really awesome move, but it takes a lot of you health as long as your high HP.

Saber Ward is the one you'll want to use when your high on HP, since it's on a long cooldown, pick the fights were to use it carefully


Also don't forget to use Zen as much as possible, combined with overload saber it can heal u for 12% & the party for 6%.


I usually dont use master strike, takes quite some time and get easily interrupted in pvp


With that being said my pvp performance on average is above 300K, with most of the time around 60-100K healing (due to Zen)

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This is the build I currently use, 32/9/0




To echo what the guy above me said, your standard rotation as Watchman should be:


Leap - Overcharge Sabers (in the air) - Zealous Strike - Cauterize - Merc Slash - strike until CDs are done.


Zen will pop for you almost constantly, so hit it between Cauterize and Merc Slash to maximize its output. If you're 1v1, make sure Rebuke is up as soon as the fight starts. Hit Dispatch when they're under 20%. It takes a lot of practice, but you'll get the hang of it. I average ~250k damage in cent/champ gear, so you can totally do that too.

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Forgot to mention: I have a battlemaster/champion/rakata combo gearwise.

So that obviously helps with the warzones as well :).


And as the guy above me says, Zen+Overload Saber & Cauterize = awesomeness


Here is my build btw, respecced a little bit. I'm now 31/10/0: http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#501bIbRrRMcGzZhGb.1


As you can see the 10 points i have in combat give me 3% more accuracy, and 1 more focus on force leap, which means that it gives 4 focus each time it's used. So make sure to use it a lot if you build like this.

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