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Didn't know FPs were part of storyline

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leveled two chars already, and did a few FPs on both sides (rep & Imp)..didn't think much about them(more PvP based player)


well last night I do "Taral V" because a friend asked me to come along for help on the Rep side and was VERY surprised with what happened at the end.(don't want to spoil)


should I go back and do them all or are only a couple FPs Major story based?

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There is a continuing story that runs like so...


Taral V

Maelstrom Prison


Boarding Party



Battle of Ilum

False Emperor


Of course there are other bits and pieces that tie into this story, but this is the major arc.

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The level 50 hard-mode flashpoints are all the "story heavy" ones.


1. Black Talon / Esseles

2. Boarding Party / Taral V

3. Foundry / White Nova


(The two below take place AFTER the Ilum planet storyline. If you don't know who the False Emperor is, consider waiting to do Battle of Ilum, because they mention it in passing and it spoils a very surprising twist in the Ilum storyline.)


4. Battle of Ilum

5. False Emperor



The ones like Bringing down the Hammer and Red Reaper barely have any dialog at all so the only story is the "setup" given by the quest giver.

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