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Idea: Legacy Hub/Station + More


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I was thinking that it would be a cool and good addition to the legacy system if you added what I'm calling a Legacy Hub. Here me out, it could be very cool and expansive.


This would be like a space station to house many features that'll go along with the legacy system in general. You could have friends and such visit to show off your impressive (or not) legacy.


Stuff that it could house...



-> Legacy Bank

|||-----Explanation: I think everyone wants this


-> Legacy Rooms

|||-----Explanation: Have a room dedicated to each of your characters. In it their travels, relationships and more are chronicled. For example, you could go and read the class specific codex entries that character has unlocked. Another possibility is that you could have short conversations with other character's companions (this would be done through like a holocall/holocron/something else that doesn't make it silly to talk to them out of the blue).


-> Legacy Theatre

|||-----Explanation: Go back and relive moments in your character's epic moments in their story. These would be in cutscene format, so choices and such cannot be changed. When implemented, a system that saves what gear was being worn could also be implemented, so that it gives the authentic experience. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so for earlier stuff you'd have to have current gear on.


-> Story-Mode Flashpoints (Legacy Based)

|||-----Explanation: Now, wouldn't it be interesting if you could rerun flashpoints with your other characters? You could jump between characters in battle and play a simplified flashpoint and other modes like it with your Alts. This is without the XP, Gear, or major difficulty part of it, of course. You could decide who speaks when and what, allowing a true experience of interaction between your characters without just assuming it based on at most a family tree. As a side note, if its a matter of this taking away from people actually playing the flashpoint with others, then these could be unlocked on a character to character basis.


-> Barber Shop/Redo Appearance

|||-----Explanation: A bit self-explanatory, but possibly a good place to throw something like this.


-> Hangers for all 8 classes.

|||-----Explanation: Self explaining


-> Cantina

|||-----Explanation: A place to hang out and such. Would be a good place to have sittable chairs too.


-> Holoroom/Virtual Reality Room (+ Weapons Testing Dummy)

|||-----Explanation: This may takes some explaining. Basically think of something like laser tag. You could lead a 16 man or less group of friends into a virtual reality room. Here you can battle in simulations against each other for fun, glory and bragging rights. Possible areas that could be used... Original areas like forests, deserts, snowy areas, Cut outs from already made planets, and a simple room for a weapons testing dummy.


-> GTN, Mailbox, simple stuff like that

|||-----Explanation: Self explaining


-> And more!

|||-----Explanation: Self explaining

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