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Server Merge or Free Transfers? Why not?


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Ok, I don't want to be flamed on this post, but I have to be another SWTOR player to bring this up.


1. I've checked a lot of server over the Free to play weekend and I saw, on a Sunday 20 - 30 players on the fleet. Now, you can say what ever you want, but the numbers do not lie. My main is on Garden of Talla and the most we get are 12 - 20 people on the fleet.


2. What is the big deal about Merging the servers or giving everyone a free transfer? Just tell us why you won't do it. It will probably lay to rest this discussion If you simply tell everyone why you will not do it. I suppose you want to keep the players that are paying to play the game interested and coming back? The only way that will happen is if there are people to build a guild/community with on the server.


3. An Idea? Give the low pop servers a free transfer to one server to see how many people will actually go. Make sure its a free weekend when 1.2 comes out. Take 5 servers and give them a transfer to one server and lets see what happens. If a lot of people go and populate a server then its a success. Win for BW and EA and Win for the players.


4. Am I crazy here? I love the game, but I'm finding myself ready to cancel because of the lack of players. Everyone I know has already left and said the same thing. Its not fun sitting in the fleet waiting to find a group.


We would really love to hear from the Devs or someone in charge with a real answer.

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I'm over on Kaas City which is the highest "light" populated server. The population levels are horrible, if we get around 150 people on the fleet that's a busy night. Most of the time it sits around 50-100 per faction. With around 5-10 people per planet with exception to the capital planets that tends to have around 30 each.


Over all the servers are so tiny it's impossible to find groups endgame since there just isn't enough people. Even if we had a good LFG system you'd still be looking in a bag with nothing in it.

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