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Official Bioware Guild Referral Scheme?


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Dear Bioware Developers:


Having spoken to the customer service people in the last few days regarding the website I have made for our Guild I have been very impressed with the speed and friendliness of their responses. Getting permission to use your awesome artwork along with the good wishes for our Site and Guild has been really nice and has pleased our Guild Master no end.


The very friendly Protocol Droid G0-X3, (Human-Cyborg Relations) that you employ has suggested that I post my ideas on this Forum for your consideration.


As a seasoned MMO player I am quite comfortable with the idea of linkshells,Fleets and Guilds. However a few days back I recruited a player into our Guild who was very new to SW:TOR and MMOs in general. On talking to him for some time it turned out he was quite shy and unsure of himself in this big old scary world of interacting with other people via the keyboard. It also transpires that he had no concept of what a `Guild` was until I managed to recruit him into our ranks.


After a few hours he told us how much fun he was having and that in fact until that moment had pretty much been wandering the game environments with little or no direction regarding `what it was all about`.


This got me to looking at your site and trying to put myself into the mindset of someone to whom this was all new and shiny. Now true there are the Forums but trying to find anything helpful amongst the `less than satisfied` (shall we say to be charitable) is quite daunting. I also found your page explaining the Guild System which is helpful to some degree for new people. The only obstacle to people actually joining a Guild is HOW to actually join one.


My idea is thus:


1. On the launcher you include a link in bold and obvious link along the lines of `So what exactly is an MMO? If you are new to the idea click HERE to find out how to interact with like minded people`


2. Create a Guild referral program similar in nature to the mentoring system but make it more integrated with the game.


3. For instance as a new player I follow the link and find


Guild X are based on server Y. This is the email,ingame characters and account contact details of the recruiting officers. They welcome new players and are happy to mentor you through the game. They enjoy Heroic missions,helping new people, sharing tips and Flashpoints.


Guild X2 are based on server Y2. contact so and so. This Guild purely take part in PvP high level content and are looking for experienced and mature players to join their ranks.


and so on...


In this way us grizzled old MMO veterans and people just`dipping their toes` can find like minded people with the minimum of hassle. This would also take away the `flip a coin to choose a server element`.


Some system by which those are new to the game could contact you would also be good. If they gave feedback directly to you regarding how true the guild descriptions were then it would allow for good reviews to be tagged to certain guilds and allow for a degree of `buyer beware`.


When I buy items on Amazon I always look at the customer reviews. Why should Guild membership be any different? After all if you become a regualr player you will be sinking a considerable amount of time and effort talking to and partying with these people.


Having `raided` both Subject Zero and Trapjaw yesterday with my Guild mates I wondered how many other player have missed the insane amount of fun this was simply becasue they are too shy/too inexperienced to even realise that World Bosses exist? or if they did thought to themselves `191,000 Hit Points?? good lord how are you ever supposed to kill THAT!`


Anyway that's about it really. I am a huge proponent of the idea that the community IS the game and I think my ideas would go a long way towards fostering that ideal.


As always thankyou for your time and providing such an enjoyable form of entertainment. I for one appreciate the insane amount of time,sacrifice and tears that must have been shed over creating the masterpeice that you have created.


Psiax/Ana-matronix,Psyalr and Psyclapse (or just plain old John)

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