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For all who care about the game


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Hei for u all the gamers out there.

This may allready be suggested somewhere, but i´d still like to say it out.


For the people who have remaind playing this wonderful game, i have got to say something sad.

If bioware won´t start merging servers. Than i´m afraid the game will die out, they schould merge about 3 to 5 or 6 servers togeather, depending on the population of the server on its highest point. Which is usually at 8 in the evening depending in what server you play.


And if bioware takes too long on mergeing the servers, than the game is practically over.

I´d say if they will push it up to the next year they might lose a lot of people.

From the server i first wanted to start playing, the guild i wanted to join died out cause the population was low and they went to another server. So the people leave the low populated servers and what have you got left than a 2 hour queue time to 3 to 5 most highly populated servers.


So give your opinions right back at me.

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While I agree, there is something you may not be aware of...


BioWare is already working on it. They may not announce every step they take, but they did announce that they were working on server transfers and mergers. They miscalculated and did not have a plan in place.


We all need to have a little patience.

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