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How do I use Proton Torpedoes?


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Hi there,


just purchased Proton Torpedoes and installed them. They show properly in the lower right (3 shots) and when I mouseover an enemy, I now get a special red cross.


But: How can I fire them?


Furthermore, before I had the Proton Torpedoes, my other rockets would fire MUCH more smoothly. Now I have to select each target seperately and cant just mouseover 5 enemies with mousebutton pressed... anyone know why?




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This is how the mechanic for proton topedoes works, the reasoning I suspect is because they are so powerful.


You can only use them on the targets that are otherwise nearly indestructable, so the communications centre underneath the spacestations, or the capital ship bridges and shields.


To fire them it's the same as normal missiles but you need to maintain the cursor on the same target for about 3 seconds, the cursor will change and you're ready to fire i.e. right click and hold over the same target, then release right click. Moving the cursor off the target will break the lock and will need to start with the lock again.

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