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What secondary stats are important for sentinel?


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You want somewhere between 108-110% Accuracy for main-hand Melee *special* attacks (the value shown on character sheet is for *standard* attacks - meaning Strike - you have to mouse over to see the number which is relevant). There is still some doubt about whether operations bosses have 8% or 10% defense. Once combat logging is available, this should be settled conclusively (i.e. whether you want 108% or 110%).


You want Critical Damage between 70-75% (so 20-25% Surge bonus).


Since Power (and Critical Rating) only comes on mods with Accuracy or Surge, you will likely wind up passing one or both of these benchmarks. Accuracy above 108-110%, and Surge Rating when you already have 75+% base Critical Damage, are both about equally useless but you don't have any other options.


Power is somewhat superior to Critical Rating for all specs, and at any gear level. Assuming you have the 70-75% Critical Damage suggested above, a point of Critical Rating is worth 70-80% of a point of Power, in terms of overall DPS.


These numbers are based on multiple spreadsheet calculations and a full combat simulation, done independently by several people, all of which pretty much agree on relative value of stats for Sentinels/Marauders.

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I'm Sentinel on Watchman tree, respecting to focus tree assuming for PVP.


So power is still the most important?


Thanks all by the way :)



LagunaD: thanks but I need time to digest as well

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