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The Jedi Gambit latest update: Issue 2 continues


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Hey SWTOR fans,


The Jedi Gambit SWTOR fan webcomic continues the storyline of Corellian Jedi Kylun Dross with it's latest installment for Issue 2:




In this issue: Kylun, who's been inprisoned on Hutta and forced to fight in Nem'ro's arena pit, finds freedom with the assistance of a VERY unlikely character.


Be sure to catch up on both issues of the popular SWTOR fancomic here:





Greg "Rackham" Moran


ALSO: Any of you attended the Emerald City Comic Con? Well if so, be sure to keep on the look out for me! Be sure to follow my Twitter ( @RackhamGreg) to get the latest ECCC tweets when I'm there!

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