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The Metric System.


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How does everyone feel about the metrics system now that it's behind the 1.2 changes?


Personally, I'd like more transparency. It would be nice to know what specific sets of data they focus on for balance in PvE and PvP balance.

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Hello all,


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Metrics can be a good gage of some things, but can metrics, determine the fun factor ? Thats my concern if metrics were used alone with out good feedback, as to how enjoyable these changes were based on the numbers. I guess tme will tell.. Edited by kevlarto
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Apparently the Forum drones don't understand what 'on topic' is, so here goes again...


Would definitely be worth looking at. It'd be interesting to see what data they use, and how they use it to balance the PvE and PvP aspects of things, without destroying one for the sake of the other.

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Metrics can be a good gage of some things, but can metrics, determine the fun factor ?

This is a big concern of mine as a healer. The important UI problems aside, one of the things I find disconcerting is the general lack of healing skills available. It's not a very interesting toolset.


I play a Sage healer and my toolset is as follows.

Force Armor (essentially a nice instant heal on a medium cooldown)

Deliverance (Big heal, expensive)

Benevolence (Small heal, expensive, pretty much never used)

Healing Trance (Channeled, cheap, big overall heal, short cooldown)

Rejuvenation (Small instant heal, small HoT, cheap, short cooldown)

Salvation (AoE, expensive, medium cooldown).


Of these, there are two abilities I don't really use to heal people. Benevolence as mentioned, and Rejuvenation. I don't cast Rejuvenation to heal people, 90% of the time I'm casting it for the Conveyance/Armor buffs. I cast this on people with full HP all the time.


With the upcoming nerf to Conveyance, Rejuvenate will be a bit less powerful an ability. I agree that some change was needed. But as a heal? It's still a very "meh" skill. It's not an ability I want to use in itself most of the time, it's an ability I have to use for a proc. The 10% of the time I'm using it to heal people is when I'm moving.


Salvation is similarly uninteresting. It's a great AoE heal, the best in the game by a wide margin. But there's little to do with it. You just place it somewhere and you've pretty much got your AoE healing set for 10 seconds if people stay in it.


I also can't believe how many of the initial posts were about the metric/metrics joke.

Edited by Soshla
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