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Need some advice on graphics cards. Please help!


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Hey Sw:ToR forums. i have a slight problem iv been pondering for a while and iv decided to turn to the forums for some help.


i Have a toshiba satellite i just bought a year ago ( to run WoW ) and my graphics card for this game is obviously lacking. walking around gets really choppy at times, pvp is brutal especially in its current state, flashpoints are hard as i have bad fps, my CPU fan is constantly going full tilt to keep it running but never overheats and the list goes on...


So bottom line, i need to know if its worth the money to get a better graphics card put into my laptop or sell it for what i can get and just buy a new one that can handle it. I'm not all that smart when it comes to this kind of thing and im thinking if i do upgrade my laptop its still not going to solve my problem knowing my luck.


i would really appreciate some feed back here, its a really tough decision for me =\

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Hi everyone!


We've closed this thread as we have consolidated discussions related to hardware and builds:



Also, please be sure to see our FAQ regarding Technical Requirements: http://www.swtor.com/info/faq#171060


Please continue your discussion at the above links. Thanks!

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