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Willpower & Power differences.


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I am getting more confused as this progresses.

I can't figure out which stat is better for me as a healer, as my +heal changes so much with changes in stats.

What is my "MAIN" important stat.


And HOW?



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As stated, they are not two stats that come are in confrontation on any gear. All inquisitor gear have willpower on them.


As a sorc, you want as much willpower you can get.


As far as 1 pt of willpower vs 1 pt of power goes;


Willpower boosts more than just bonus damage/healing. It also buff your critical chance.


Power will buff melee bonus damage (which is irrelevant for you) and force/healing bonus.


As far as I know, on the bonus force/healing output, both will have a similar increase.



If you get 2 pieces of gear and piece A has lets say +15 willpower and +10 power, and piece B +10 willpower and +15 power compared to your current gear, go with A.

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