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Bozim II Vengeance Spec Pvp Video


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I'd like to play veng, but my slothlike reactions makes even rage difficult.


Nevertheless, what spec are you running? Outside of strength are you prioritizing power, or crit+surge? What gearz are you running?


My comments on the vid itself - I liked it, it showcased how "sustained" damage can beat down manz just as well as rage's burst. The moves seemed nice & fluid, not clunky at all.


You do seem to have the same annoying problem of targeting as I do, more than once I saw the mouse cursor frantically skirting about the next target. Tab target is nearly useless, targeting people behind me is not so useful.


Lastly, maybe your vid didn't show it very much - but do you intercede often, or threating scream? I don't think I saw a single one in your vids, which is strange to me, because both seem to me to be crazy good for keeping your healers from getting bombed (though, yes, killing the guy trying to bomb your healer works a bit better. ;-)

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My Second Pvp video hope everyone enjoys. Please watch and give feedback :)


Thanks! ;)


Part 1-


Part 2-





Link to my first Video-


Hai Bozim (It's Jorrus).


First off BB fist bump!


Secondly, nice video, though I recognized some things that you might want to change up and look into.


A) Backoedaling




B) Taunts/Guard


I didn't see you drop a lot and in the second video, you had your 25 kill medal before I saw any guard medals. You can easily hit the 10k guard medal in the groups that you run with karma (I'm usually hitting 30-60k depending on the games, even when I am DPS)


as an aside, when are the vids for the tournament coming up?

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I'd like to play veng, but my slothlike reactions makes even rage difficult.



Haha... just like me! :o


Ball carriers in Huttball often wonder why my Jugg' is running along behind them and not attacking... answer: I'm looking for what key to press and then to locate said key on keyboard and actially press it. *dead*


Oh well, at least I have fun "stalking" ball carriers :p

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