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Players Stalls?!?!


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Hey SWTOR Team!


I came with a really interesting idea. A player can set up stalls on their factions' fleet for a price. This stall can be used for selling, buying, trading, advertizing (guilds), etc.


To make things fair, you can only have up to 3 stalls active at once. These stalls can be active for 1-2 hours. Price of stall depends on what your doing with the stall, how much of it your using, and how long your using it (up to 2 hours).


The player may leave the stall, but is responsible for his stalls security. You can buy a guard to watch over the stall and a maintenance droid to take over whatever you're doing with the stall. These will cost credits.


These stalls can only be used on the players' faction fleet (Republic & Imperial Fleet).


The player must visit their trainer to buy the stall skill (unlocked at level 15). Then, they must visit a Stall Vendor which would sell different types of stalls, along with the guard and maintenance droid to work while you leave it as mentioned before. This will be placed into your inventory. Then, you can place it along something (wall, pole, etc.) When placed, you will then have a pop-up menu that gives you the following choices: How long the stall will be there, what you'll be using it for, and what will be in the stall.


You will have two check-boxes at the bottom of the menu to verify if you want to use your guard/droid (if you own any). Before you click Done (or Finish, etc.) you will have another window pop up asking you to confirm with the total and final price.


---This idea was made by the website user smallriex. Note: show this to the developers, so they can discuss this, if so, please inform me the results on this epic idea, I think a lot of players would enjoy it, espically me, since I planned this out a lot.---

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