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real ideas for this game to get better


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this game doesnt feel like star wars. what youve created is a star wars skin over warhammer/world of warcraft. look at the armor your creating. fire your development team. the armor thats made for most endgame is WOW incorperated. the pvp inquis gear is some kinda warlock thing guys. your killing me here. we wanna see the trailor stuff. they wore robes with a choice to have a hood or a helmet. up your crafting system. make it so this pvp gear isnt armor. its armor and weapon enhancements. that way you can look the way you want too and fight, no more replicas. make armormech and sythweaving able to change the colors of gear, any gear. instead of starting off imperial or republic you should start from the 6 classes. lvl to 10 and join your side. its a civil war on univeral scale. jedi/sith warrior jedi/sith inquis bounty hunter, smuggler. operative. and trooper. have a neutral option to some like BH and smuggler. instead of fleets you should have main citys on planets ruled by each faction. that way you can try to overtake citys and control planets. maybe give some kinda buff for more planets controlled? let us feel like were part of the war. needless to say the BH is lacking. guess whats in the name, hunter. give him traps and tracking abilities. if they had tracking they would of saved your idiotic idea of ilum. also have PVP bountys. when someone gets killed they have a choice of placeing a bounty on the person. also give the diffrent sides quests in the same areas. ive lvled till 40 and never seen a repub in the wild. let them be able to talk to eachother, theres no reason they shouldnt be able too. civil war is brother agaisnt brother right? maybe have overt and covert for the main cities so you can be in the same area as repubs but cant fight them. no reason to keep them so seperated. i feel like you guys are taking the game down a horrible path and the developers need to make some new ideas and not borrow from WOW. i know alot of the ideas i say are from swg. but star wars had the feel of starwars right. bounty hunter felt like a bounty hunter and not a trooper with a backpack.
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