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Video of me playing with a controller.


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I would absolutely love to know what sort of set-up you are using. I think this game would greatly benefit from controllers - seems almost made for it (at least for guardian, where 99% of my abilities are instants).


My main questions would be:


1.) Will it work with a Microsoft X-Box Controller for PC? PS3 style controllers hurt my fingers and wrists.


2.) Are there enough buttons? With a D-Pad and 4 buttons with four modifier buttons (two triggers, and two bumpers) I count 40 button combos for binding to abilities... That's 16 less key/button binds than is available on the action bar - and I already have to decide between things getting dropped if I want to actively use everything I have available. And that doesn't even address companion abilities.


Regardless, I am very interested in this. I think for PvP especially it would greatly improve my viability. As it is, I have an X-Box controller - but I don't have a mouse that lets me bind movements like strafing, so I have to use the keyboard for movement, and that sucks.

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