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crew missions all failing since 1.1.5?


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Since the patch the other day, (Tues.) my companion failed missions have went to some 80%. I was used to a 10-15% as they have to work that in for balance. I haven't changed anything on my end, sending same comp's on same level missions, if anything my skill level has went up with the failures, but they have made it a total loss as I cant get mat's to up crafting skill.


At this point I made up everything i could that was blue and painfully gray(no craft points). I flooded the gtn to try and build my credits back up and Im giving up crafting until 1.2 rolls out. I have two char's with 5 companions + 2 ship droids i dont use and crafting has been a sinkhole anyway but this has busted me. I was almost caught up with Synthweaving to my char level *35 and artifice is *41 well above my levels 37 and 26 char's.


I havent even played my two char's since thurs evening as crafting is as much a part of my gameplay as missions. Frustrated and broke atm. I even tried rolling new char's to fill my time but I just cant get into them thinking of what Im putting off with my main.


This post is more for BW , devs, or anyone else that can look into the problem. I also hope they fix the RE'ing problem since patch I've read about too.

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