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Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior Suggestion


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No, I'm not going to whine about a laundry list of supposed indignities.


Just an idea that popped to mind when I was running Black Talon Hard Mode. As it is, the greatest glaring weakness of the Knight/Warrior is the lack of area of effect threat management. I've played a Knight to 50 now, and from my firsthand experience, I've identified two major factors in that.


1. Threat generation. I've tried running "tests" in-game, and the Knight generates threat slower than my Bounter Hunter. When things click, they click. I've yet to lose aggro on a single target past level 25 or so.


2. Range of attack. Getting into melee range takes a moment, and in some circumstances getting to one enemy puts you out of range of others. This became fairly obvious on Corellia - Groups of standard enemies fared much better when they were spread out as they were.


My suggestion is to add a function to an existing skill - Awe, perhaps - or create a new skill entirely. Personally, I favor adding this new function to an existing skill due to the amount of keybinds already present.


When fighting Yudira Ban, she would draw in the entire party for her area of effect attack.


This, I believe, would be a useful trait for the Knight/Warrior that would help counter the shortcomings I mentioned above. Pulling in all enemies in range would put normally distant enemies in reach, allowing for direct attack tactics which would generate more threat.



I love the Jedi Knight class, its been a blast to play and figuring out its intricacies has been rewarding. Its just a handful to make it work.

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Exactly. I'd be going from one end of the fight to another at one point, putting out fires if you will. I was less trying to kill the enemy than I was trying to keep them off Doc.


See, I don't think the "problem" with Knight/Warrior is statistical. I've traded numbers and hard stats between me and several endgame Knights and my Bounty Hunter were fairly even. Some less, some more, but not enough to account for the vast undercurrent of the Knight being an under performer.


Instead, I think the problem is technical. The Knight has an absolute busload of awesome skills. We get two defensive buffs, a third that boosts our health, several options for a variety of circumstances. One on one, my Knight decimates targets. I just wade in, setting off a rotation of attacks while my defensives keep me unharmed. Then Stasis, a push, saber throw and leap and launch a new attack with full focus.


For circumstances that aren't as cut and dried, things get complicated.


Hence the putting out of fires. Once, by the time I'd finished gaining the attention of a target, my last one went back to attacking Doc. The Knight lacks utilitarian powers to fit general circumstances. Even without using AOE threat gainers, my BH was able to command a fight with weaks better simply for the fact that he had everyone in reach.


As it is, the swiss-army-knife aspect of the Knights skills may be its greatest weakness. Over specialization, and the natural user confusion when you have that many options.


Chances are, if this game could pause like KOTOR did, the Knight would be seen in a much more positive light.

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