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Voiceover Raid Guides

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Hi everyone,


We've been working on some videos to help people in the hard mode version of operations. (Nightmare mode is coming but we're just struggling to create time with work commitments to get the videos edited and uploaded).


Anyway, as a priority we've put the bosses on that we think people probably struggle with the most and more are to come.


They can all be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/Thermal8691




G4B3 Heavy Fabricator -


Bonethrasher -


Gharj -


Annihilation Droid is about to be uploaded and we have more of Karaggas to come on soon (this week or next hopefully).


Once the new raids is available in 1.2 we'll get that on as a priority.


The feedback we've had has been very positive so feel free to post suggestions of what you'd like to see more or less of.


We record the videos as close to and sometimes on the first down of the boss to show an un-polished run which we think is the best way to show the common mistakes that are made.


Hope they help a few people,


Elite Gaming


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