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10 ppl on Empireal Fleet at the time where most ppl should play?


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comeone guys


theres i actually some of us that been giving you a fair chance to fix the bugs, the imbalance, the lag, the.......


can live with porblems like theese in a game thats new as long as i have confidence that they will be fixed, and i have that confidence.


BUT this is pretty much a solo game now caurce there is WAY to many servers for the amout of players that play right now


its saturday noon.. this should be a time where the serves where filled with ppl... almost every server is "light", its not hard to see that there is a problem


everyone is complaining about this and even more ppl leave, making the servers even more dead.....


give ppl the posibility to make a free transfer to a few target servers so they fill up !!! i would rather have to wait 15 min to get into a full server than have to wait 15 min for EVERY WZ of wich 50% is closed after 120 sec for lack of players....


save the game guys.. at least give us a hint of youre plan to fix this caurce even though i think this game is 100 times better than WoW.. i seriously considers going back, caurce then i at least can play wil other ppl... and i doubt im the only one thats thinking this


TY for making SWTOR, now fix it ;)



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its like this at all times. havnt havd a wait time for less than 15 min for a week, no matter what time of the day, havnt been more than 30 ppl on the fleet at any time, the servers are light ll the time, and all ppl are writing about in thegeneral chat is that the servers are dead... i just wanna know if tehy are fixin it or if i shoudl just basil on the game like so many other have
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