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plz Explain dps and ...


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"looking for dps for team"

"looking for tank for team"


For Republic side plz explain how to build these two? Whats the best class for each?

And what am I as a jedi knight / Sentinal? The log-in says I am a defender, but I don't see anyone "looking for a defender for team".

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But really...



Someone who specializes in survivability and his job in a group is to pull enemies to attack himself instead of other group members (and he is of a class/advanced class that has abilities for this job)



Well the abbreviation means "damage per second" which is a measurement of your damage output, but that is not the only use of the term.

In this context means a person whose job in a group is to be a damage dealer (as opposed to tank and healer)

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If the login screen says "Defender" it means you logged out while you were on your starship, which is a Defender class starship - if you're a jedi.


If a group is looking for DPS members, it means they are looking for characters who's focus will be to deal damage to the group's enemies.


If a group is looking for a tank, then they are looking for a character who will be able to keep the group's enemies focused on himself while the DPS members of the group kill said enemies. The tank needs to have the skills to make sure that the enemies stay focused on him at all times, and have the abilities and armor to survive taking a lot of damage from all the enemies focused on killing him.

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Depending on which tree you take for the advanced class, the following will apply:


Trooper / Bounty Hunter

Commando - Mercenary: Ranged DPS, Healer

Vanguard - Powertech: Close range DPS, Tank


Smuggler - Imperial Agent

Gunslinger - Sniper: Ranged DPS only

Scoundrel - Operative: Close/medium ranged DPS, Healer


Jedi Knight - Sith Warrior

Sentinel - Marauder: Melee DPS only

Guardian - Juggernaut: Melee DPS, Tank


Jedi Consular - Sith Inquisitor

Consular - Sorcerer: Ranged DPS, Healer

Shadow - Assassin: Melee DPS, Tank

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