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So my bounty hunter is lvl 38 and on the planet belsavis, all the quests are red or really hard. I've finished mostly all quests on Hoth except the heroic quests. Help! I'm stuck :confused:

I don't know how people can be several levels above me when i do all the quests i can?

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Empire Planet and Bonus Series Order


Korriban / Hutta 1-10

Dromund Kaas 10-16

Balmorra 16-20

Balmorra Bonus Series 20-22

Nar Shadda 20-24

Tattooine 24-28

Tattooine Bonus 28-30

Alderaan 28-32

Nar Shadda Bonus Series 31-34

Taris 32-36

Taris Bonus Series 35-37

Quesh 36-37

Hoth 37-41

Alderaan Bonus Series 40-44

Belsavis 41-44

Voss 44-47

Voss Bonus Series 1 47-49

Voss Bonus Series 2 47-49

Voss Bonus Series 3 47-49

Hoth Bonus Series 47-49

Corellia 47-50

Belsavis Bonus 50

Ilum 50

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Bonus mission in my experience so far usually become available once you done the main line of quests on a planet and you would usually be thinking of moving on. Im guessing they are a chance to get some extra XP and planet currency.



When I move to a new planet Im usually just past the level spread of that planet. So at lvl 41 I would be going to a planet marked 37-41 as an example or atleast half way into the spread. This makes soloing alot easier and also makes me able to solo a few of the Heroic 2 missions. Tough at your level that usually gets a tad harder to do.

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Ah so the bonus missions is what makes everyone level normally?


No. Most people find that doing "most" of the missions on any planet (and all the storyline missions, obviously) keeps them about the right level. By "most", I mean nearly all the "quest giver" non-heroics and nearly all the "bonus" quests that crop up when you start killing stuff to achieve a given objective. The odd space mission, PvP or FP, and rested XP will easily keep you floating along at "intended level" for the storyline. Being at all completist, or getting distracted into space or WZs or doing lots of heroics will soon boost you beyond fighting same level mobs.


If you're completing all the missions you see and are still underlevel, then I believe you're probably doing some or all of the below:


  • Trying too hard to avoid "non-essential" combat. Expected XP gains include at least some mobkills (other than the popup bonuses) on the way to completion.
  • Not bothering to complete the popup bonuses. Generally, you might as well kill that last one or two mobs that you didn't absolutely have to kill to snag the completion; the XP rewards are substantial.
  • Missing chunks of quests. Some planets have quest hubs that perhaps you don't absolutely need to visit to complete your storyline quest (I'm thinking of Rep-side Taris and Tatooine; I'm sure there are others) so you might not be getting to do every quest.

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