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Concern about the longevity of this game.


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First off, I believe Bioware has done a fantastic job with the environments and story. This game truely feels Star Warsy to me. This isn't ment to be a rant or a blast. Its what I'm currently observing and feeling about the game.


Now for my concern. I'm already hearing reports of people quiting. Bioware is great at making RPGs, no doubt there. This is not a RPG, its a MMORPG. You can't dumb eveything down and make things easy for a casual player.

The game is being treated similar to Dragon Age. I feel like Bioware's hope is that people will level one Character to 50, then start another or they will run multiple characters to 50 and that will be enough to preoccupy them. Well, what happens to the player base that maxes out there character slots with all lvl 50, they've gone through all the story lines? This is where you will loose alot people who are not into the MMO. These people should not be your focus for longevity.

I feel like the planets are greatly unbalanced in experience for level and reward output. There should be more of a gradual progress and a need to do all the quests. The higher level you get the less reason there is to stay on a planet once you've completed your class quests there. For example, after Balmora, I skipped the planet quest for Hoth, Quesh, Voss, and Corellia just so I could hit 50 and be able to do dailies. My friend already had 2 character at level 50 to my one lvl 50 and he had a 3rd almost 30. My fear is that he will get bored and quit before I fully experience more current and future content. Also, in regards to the planets, after Nar Shaddaa I could have easily skipped all the planet quests because most of them were grey and green and the rewards were vender fodder that never amounted to much of anything for me or my companions. Its great that SWTOR provides so many ways of gaining experience, but I feel its too much. There needs to be balance because leveling is way to fast to really enjoy and experience everything. By the time I'm rewarded for something, that reward is so short lived it wasn't worth the effort.

Crafting. For my main I chose Synthweaving. After level 30 it completely lost is worth. As I was leveling, it felt great that what I could produce was better than what I was looting or rewarded, but after that it just became a grind to max out. This is the other reason to slow the leveling process. The crafting experience of unlocking better equipment is way to slow to be of any benefit as well as very expensive. Also, non of my items would sell on the market. So how is crafting suppose to be viable if you can't sell what you produce to offset the costs of gathering materials?

Server population. I really have never understood what Bioware has been trying to achieve from Day 1 since the game went live. As I have gone from planet to planet, I feel like there is really a lack of people. Some planets barely have 10, some a little more. Atmost I've seen maybe 100 people on fleet. Is this just a preception that I'm lacking because there is such a spread of level between current players online? On day one I noticed that there were instances, I stopped noticing that after Coruscant. Guildwars doesn't have a server system. Everything is instanced, which I thought was a great system. I thought SWTOR was going to be something similar, but not so. I think it would be great to take some lessons from Guildwars, merge some of the servers and instance the planets more. I think this could solve some of the issues I've been hearing about like grouping, empty planets, pvp, guild populations, etc... Just a thought. I would really like to see atleast 100 people in one instance of each planet every time I'm on. I don't feel this is an unreasonable goal.


I consider myself a true casual MMO player. I don't like grinding or speeding through cutscenes. I don't play every waking hour, I do have a life outside my computer. Not saying that a bash on the hardcore players, more power to them. My point is that even as a casual player. I didn't expect to hit 50 so quick. I started playing before the office Launch due to pre-order. I thought it would have been atleast 6 months before I got to 50, not 2 months. Now that my main is 50, my play time consist of grinding dailies every day and flash points (highly repeatative) to gear up for guild raids. I have two other characters that are around lvl 12, but I've stopped playing them to see what legacy benefits. I may start one of them over depending on what new races I have available. Not sure any of this really matters, just a little background info I guess.


I don't have any answers. I'm not a game developer. I've played EQ, WOW, SWG, Guild wars, and now SWTOR over the past 10+ years. I truely believe that this game has the potential to become greater than all these past MMOs. I just hope Bioware will reallize sooner rather than later the true future of this game and balance the game before its too late.

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Hello everyone,


While we do appreciate anyone who takes the time to compile constructive feedback for us, we're closing this thread, as we do have a forum for suggestions and many subforums for specific topics. Don't forget that you can also use the In-Game Customer Service Portal to report any issues you encounter!


If you have a specific suggestion or individual piece of feedback, we encourage you to post in the Suggestion Box forum or to make a thread regarding your issue in the relevant subforum.


Thank you!

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