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Now, I've cancelled my subscription. The last straw was just moments ago when dealing with the obsurdity known as 'illum'. For those that enjoy the game, keep playing and such. I have no ill will towards any of you. My annoyance is towards the company. Of course, by the company ignoring the reasons why players are leaving, does have an effect on your game play in the view of faster patchs and additional content being added. I'm sure those two things would be something you would like to have, right?


I had more fun with this game at levels 1-20 than levels 45+. As a Gunslinger, I sort of resigned myself to not doing any of the heroics or flashpoints. So, I grinded five levels 'old school style'. It felt like EQ or UO rather than a game that came out ten years later. Even once 50, there is NOTHING in the game that says "Now that your 50, this is what you can do...".


Doesnt help that Operations are much smaller than WoW Raids (16 verse 25). As a result the guilds tend to be much smaller. Now, I'm a WoW Raider from 'back in the day'. You know, 10 Paladins into Stratholme whom carved up Baron Rivendale in a dozen seconds flat (which is why Blizzard nerfed Paladins soon after that....). And doing 40 Man Onyxia raids was 1/2 'keystone cops' and 1/2 'how deep is your patience'. 40 noobs going into that dungeon and wiping dozens of times until that one moment that, that dumb dragon FINALLY died. And EVERYONE was cheering it on as a big accomplishment. I really do not see something like that in SWTOR. WoW forced players to work together towards a common goal, while SWTOR doesnt give my incentive.


Maybe it doesnt help the guild I got into doesnt really do OPs to begin with. But than its not like there was a forum directly for my server. That would have helped in the whole "guilds looking for members on the server' bit. I know, that'll be in the next patch, right?


I have had two glaring problems that has plagued me since pre-launch: My alts dont exist. That's right, I have my main and a couple alts, but none of them can see each other. When I go to mail an alt something, the game bounces back "This character doesnt exist". So, I've had to sell simple white objects in TGN for 100,000. Or if I wanted to give a pile of stuff to an alt, I have to find a guildie to do the trade; because the company cant figure this basic concept out!


The other annoying problem: I am limited to just TWO crew skills, not THREE. That's right, I can only learn 2/3rds of the crew skills the game states I can aquire. Every ticket sent out has simply disappeared to the Great Ticket Heaven....


Finally, even playing through this game I was left wondering if anyone had actually play tested the game for 'fun' rather than 'it works'. The game has very little replay value from the stand point of trying out another class on the same side (yes, the class quests are different, but not the general ones). I have *NO* desire to level an alt through Hoth; it was boring the first time around!


Six months ago, if you had told me that I would be writing such a letter as this, and stating Bioware sucks at making fun games, I might have laughed at you. Now, I'm annoyed to having paid so much for a game that doesnt even live up to a tenth of the hype. And dont get me started on 'railroading' spaceship battles.....

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