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Add random/open quests


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We are all riding the same railed adventures. Although you get private caves to encounter bosses and specific events, everyone saves/kills the same person at the same place sooner or later.


To add some flavor to the game I would like terminals/quest givers (maybe in your ship?) for each class that gives random quests that fit their profession. This could be a nice break from the main story, a way to get some extra xp, and i bit more personal too.



Smuggler: Deliver X to Y. Might fight some thughs/pirates on the way, in space or land.

Smuggler: Bounty hunter X is after you. Round up some help, or set a trap for him.

Inquisitor: Imperial base X might have a spy. Find him.

Inquisitor: Imperials at Y cant get prisoner X to talk. Use your skills.

Bounty hunter: Hunt down X at Y.



This would make the galaxy more living, players having their own small quests. More reason to visit some places. Stroll into a cantina, ask around, locate your target and do your thing =)

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i actually like this idea, also i would like to see some single player dailies on the planets, the heroics are great but if we just want do do some on our own it would be nice to have them too..


also single player crafting dailies for mats or new recipies would be nice as well...

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