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The crafting system in general


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I'm trying to figure whether or not there is a way to search the market only for schematics you don't already know. I realized I was able to see, buy and even use schematics that I already had.


What's worse is that I'm unable to keep the market window open at the same time as the crafting window, so I can't check to see if I have it or not unless I open and close windows a lot and hope I remember exactly what the recipes are called.


This is something people have been complaining about since before the game even launched. The GTN needs a ton of improvements, and crafting windows need hotkeys. Supposedly patch 1.2 will bring some positive changes to the GTN.

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I agree with what others are saying here. Crafting is pointless in this game. There is no way to make credits from it.


On my server I've seen 1 other orange crafted pistol on the GTN since launch. I have made 4 of them myself, and put them up on the GTN to sell. I did not ask for stupid amounts of credits... just about 100k credits (considering that these pistols are as good if not better than the purples that were up on the AH for 90k credits) and nobody will buy them.


Armstech is one big waste of time. Investigation does not give you half the things it promises in the codex (I may have got 1 schematic in hundreds of mission runs from 1-50) and as for scavenging.. well, whatever.


Take Biochem and slicing, and you are golden. Anything else is garbage.


What also annoys me is that on our server at least you never see ANY schematics for any profs other than biochem or synthweaving. There has never been more than 1 page of schems on the GTN for each profession, wheras the two I named are usually 10+ pages of listings...


Er, drop rates fixed? much?

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There are problems with the crafting system, I won't deny that. I just wanted to add though, that for those that are determined, you can still make money with it.


With armormech, focused only on T6 (lvl 49/50) gear, I sell 10-15 pieces of armor each day, or around 700K credits worth. Minus costs, I still clear well over half. I'm sure there are crafters doing much more, but for 30 minutes worth of my time, it's worth it.


The gear I craft, is better than tionese. If I crit, it's comparable to columi. For those casuals that are slow to do hard modes, there's definitely a market.


I have no doubt that I could target more than a few level tiers (18, 25, 35, 43) and make a pretty penny selling armor. All regardless of the naysayers that believe nobody will buy armor.


~ Cheers :cool:

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