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Change crew skills instead of nerfing biochem


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look ive really been thinking about crew skills. I am biochem so i know that its way unbalance, I understand that there was probably an intent to make bio chem buff as in terms of being OP and not have very good money rewards to it. So my thought is why not do something like WOW did. NOTE: this will be the ONLY time i speak of world of warcraft in a good manner :p They had a good idea with crafting by adding a bonus to it. Now i do understand you have a +crit or w/e that goes alot with crew skills that is passive. What i am saying is go further than this and have it where you can put an extra enhancement slot in two items, grant a skill that would buff you or create pvp armor or even like a certain piece or 2 of armor or weapons that was just WAY OP compared to anything else in the game ( would have to be able to have a pvp /pve version of OP item). My point being Biochem is overpowered YES but it takes ALOT of time and work to get the resources u need. On top of that the proc rates are retarded. I had 30 freaking blue stim and reversed eng. them and did not get a purple schem. i tried 10 10 10 stacks and still no purple schem. This is the only crew skill i have seen such a low proc rate. I think other skills need to be buffed and biochem changed instead of nerfing something. I dont believe nerfing anything in a game is the way to solve something. You guys made this game a certain way for a reason and instead of completely changing it, i think adjusting it would be a better approach.
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