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New Warzone Idea


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*Note I have not been to Illum, and have yet to see what pvp is like there*


Blizzard did most of its good in the early years of warcraft. One of these was the original 40 man AV, where you spent 3-4 hours fighting for control. Now Im sure its beyond capability right now to get something this massive atm, with all the projects, but I definately think this style WZ, and atleast on a scale of greater than the current WZ's (in terms of group size) would go a long way to make some more interesting pvp. Im sure some people wouldnt want to spend 3-4 hours waiting for a warzone to end, so perhaps have the rewards given at certain intervals and after completing certain objectives?


And please, for the love of all wookies, let us choose what warzones we want to enter? Nothing against Hutt ball, but I know quite a few people are huttball'ed out.

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