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[Crew Missions] randomised mini-Flashpoints with decisions


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I would love to see crafting system that would force player to make decisions and kind of "play" the missions themselfs and to think each time he sends companion on mission, inseatd of having automated boring sequences with a png and static text cover.


SO i have created a sugestion for Bioware to implement interesting crew missions mechanics. Here is the example:




The situations (lets call them crew mission flashpoints) would be randomised each time. So in each of plenty fo scenarios for each step mr.X and mr.Y would get swapped places in description and randomised names. :)


And for mr.Y and X could be plenty of different options with different values on them... for example when at mr.X will roll in name: "Mandalorian Veteran" it will be risky to use "brute force" on him etc...


And its important to not show difficulties, but to make people think and plan. Then the missions will be more meaningfull and an interesting minigame itself.


To recompensate the loss for the lazy players who just want easy way to get resources, the succesfull, multistep missions would bring a lot more of resources than current ones.

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the key would be to have it randomised with only constant factors that would be those ranodmly selected persons/groups' traits But player would still have to read the status of mission, think about the noted people in description, and make a decision based on his knowledge, memory, logic.


Some decisions could lead to very long chains of steps... Like 5-7 steps and reward would then be much greater than 1-3 step ones. :)


There could also be implemented dark/light side points in some decisions.


Each companion would also have strong and weak points, including specialisation in some options (like slicing) etc.. :)


Damn i would love it :)

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