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Help for a weak lvl 47 Commando


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I'm a new level 47 Commando and I'm weak, I know it. I'm really just into story and leveling so I haven't done any flash points or heroics so my gear is just what I've picked up along the way. I'm getting my tush handed to me on Voss and it's driving me crazy to the point I'm considering ditching and starting a new character but I know I'll run into the same issue if I do that.


Advise is welcome. Should I go run a bonus series on another planet? Should I go around and track down the datacrons I only just learned about? Any tips on beating the elites on Voss or quest order?

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Many issues I have read about and experienced have come down to:


Gear: keep it updated. You should have a few pieces of orange that you can modify by now. hit up the vendors and the GTN to updated the armor, mods, and enhancements. Do not forget the weapon stats too (barrel, mods, enhancements). Also: keep it repaired. Your companion should have current gear as well and you should be running with the companion that complements your current goal and play style.


Powers. Read the text for each one. Know what happens when you use them. Some will complete the CD for another. Be ready to hit it as soon as you can. Make sure that you bind them to easy to reach keys.


Level. Check the level of the quest you are running in the lore. If you see another that is about to grey out, get that done first, you might end up with some kick butt gear or another level. If you are just having issues with a particular boss go and grab a couple of side missions and get another level or two and try again. Check the forums for advice and hit guildmates/friends up for the same.


Good luck!



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Whats your spec?


Which companion are you using?


I've had zero problems leveling 1-50 as gunnery.


I kept my gear updated and Elara's gear updated. She is always able to heal threw any damage even on yellow mobs,



If you are a combat medic. Use jorgan, he has good dps.


Assault use elara, Although it's harder for her to keep up due to not having charged barrier from gunnery.



The other companions are just good for gathering missions IMO

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By 47, you should have at least an orange head/body/gloves/legs/feet (belt and bracers are always incredibly hardmode due to world drop rarity) and have them modded up to snuff.


Heck, so should your companion of choice. If you don't, now's the time to make sure the upgrades are in. If you have to take a step back and burn out some heroic 2's for gear upgrades, do it. Hunt some of the big named elites from the previous planet you were on to Voss. Heck, when I was doing Hoth, I'd go back and gun down the big Sith sorcerer off the side of the Hutt palace on Quesh, because he'd drop blues and the occasional purple and respawned frequently enough to make it worth my while.


Also, do some flashpoints. They're fun stories, and the early ones are fun to blast through solo and you may like the look on any oranges that drop, so win-win.

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