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Sugg. Execute Ability for Fun/Complexity


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I would just like to suggest the addition of an execute ability perhaps channeled at below 25% or so. Granted, I use to come from WoW and played an Affliction Lock, 3 dots, 2 fillers, execute phase with Drain Soul. Also of course Demo had its own execute.


For ranged it just adds more fun/complexity to have that special phase of the fight where you try to stay rooted to do the most dmg...especially since our class is so mobile with instants and wrath procs.


I feel like the Madness Sorc is definitely like an aff lock...3 dots 1 channel. And being that I'm currently Chain Light/Madness Hybrid it sort of does have an execute in that you can't chain lightning all day or you'll go oom. Assuming that they break this build it would add something to the rotation to have an extra ability that isn't just a dot and requires some setup.


For a lock having 3 dots plus drain soul doing more dmg per dots and the haunt buff made locks very fun and complex...especially combined with trinkets to buff your dots and the demon soul cooldown. This really separated the bad locks from the good ones...the ability to maximize buffs to dots. I'm certainly glad we're not tracer missle spammers...but I'd love to see just 1 more step up in complexity...anyone else?


Edit: I don't think sorc are underpowered or need this, I would expect some balancing would have to be done...this is purely a fun factor suggestion...I find the Chain Hybrid build in pvp etc pretty powerful and useful...again just a fun factor thing.

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