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CTD related to companion equipment


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This is a duplicate of an in-game bug report.


I cannot offer steps to reproduce yet, here's what I did in the session (at least what could be related to the bug):

- I logged in (PTS), I was in the market area under the Senate plaza on Coruscant

- I sent my companion off to craft a barrel (armstech)

- I accepted an additional mission on the Senate plaza

- I used a taxi to travel to the Black Sun sector

- While I was in flight, the companion returned from the crafting job

- After arrival in the Black Sun sector, I reengineered the barrel

- I picked up another mission

- I went off to kill some Black Sun people

- at some point I noticed that when I wasn't moving for a second or two, the weapon on the back of my companion started flickering at a frequency of ~5 Hz, then I noticed it was rendered alternately on my avatar's back and on the back of my companion. When it was rendered on my back, it was rendered in addition to the weapon I was already wearing (its parts were sticking out of my gun).

I have made screenshots showing the weapon alternately on my companions and my avatar's back; if you want them, let me know where to put them.

- Whenever I moved or fought, everything was fine. When I stopped moving, the weapon started flickering again after a second or two.

- When I tried to unequip the weapon (C window, click on "Companion" tab, right-click on weapon slot), the swtor client crashed to the desktop [after relogging, the weapon was in the inventory, so unequipping worked server-side, but the client ended up in an unexpected state]


I will update this post if I find steps to reproduce the problem.


Update: didn't find a way to reproduce, I kinda hope the client automagically sent some kind of crash dump to BW. Would be a shame if this turned out to be a real issue after deployment to the live servers.

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I have seen this, even i saw it on Corusant (which i think is the planet you meant). My guild and i made a group of four troopers and our tank just had his weapon on his hand and a big assault canon on his back which was from his companion.


He didnt got disconected, but the bug fixed itself on time.

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I have seen this, even i saw it on Corusant (which i think is the planet you meant).


Thanks for confirming the problem and putting me on the right planet! :)


And, yes, my PTS toon is a trooper (I probably should've added some extra info to the forum post that I didn't have to include in the in-game bug report, instead of just copy-and-pasting it).


Did you see the problem in the test build (1.1.4) on the PTS - or did you experience it on the live servers? If the latter, it's probably not a high-impact bug.

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I have seen it twice over this 2 months...


...Both times with my scoundrel alt (On live, btw):


- Bowdaar vibrosword appearing as "sheathed" on my right shoulder. No crash happened, only a logout could fix it, sadly too far away in time to remember details :(. What I remember was the weapon "teleporting" which happened each time my companion entered into combat and wielded the sword.


- After 1.1.3 Akaavi Spar Tech Staff appeared on my right shoulder while questing on Hoth. At the 3rd or 4th (Can't remember exactly) time the staff "teleported" from my back to the hands of Spar I got a CTD (one of the 3 I had over this 2 months, btw... My game experience has been preatty stable so far). This time the "weapon shift" happened after she "dissapeared" on the geometry pursuing an enemy and I entered into combat while she was returning.


I think that somehow the system "looses" the hooking point of the weapon model when OOC and just chooses another compatible, in this case, the main character.... I mean, if we want to wildly speculate with the reassons based on 2 events over the 2 months I have been playing ;).

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