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Need help whit my mara


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Ok this is the situation as how i feel. In pve i love my mara as he cuts every thing to nice thin slices, but i cant make him work in pvp.


I tryed to spec difrent to trye out difrent possebiletys. How i ever do i feel like i dont got the time. To compere to my jugg who feels gret in pvp but i dont like him in pve.

Both my jugg and mara are lvl 21-22 so non of them got all abiletys yet, but still i feel my mara needs time to be able to deal out damage.


What do you use in pvp as main hard hitting spell?

Do we ever get in some way a instant forcesream?

How do i get close up a second time on my oponent?

Any help is wellcomed



Sorry for my bad english but i aways sucked at it.

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